Review – Runaway A Twist of Fate

Review – Runaway A Twist of Fate
4.5/5 Review Score:

The third game of the Runaway franchise by Pendulo Studios, Runaway A Twist of Fate shows us how entertaining and evolved a point-and-click adventure can be. The first two versions came to north america by 2003 and 2007 respectively. First for PC only, then the second version got directed to Nintendo DS and Wii, too, and this third game came for the DS and PC. Let’s have a closer look on it, then?

The mysterious death of Colonel Kordsmeier in Hawaii (second game) brought disastrous consequences to everyone’s lives. Brian Basco, accused of murder by the court, implied he wasn’t guilty, but since he couldn’t remember what really happened, he was throw into a sanatorium for analysis. Now it’s up to his closest friend (very close!) Gina Timmins
to uncover the truth and help him out of his terrible fate!

Brian Basco The Runaway Gina Timmins The Runaway

As you could see by the images above, the graphics in this game are pretty descent! The scenario is hand painted and very convincing, the models and animations are highly produced, too, with cell-shading textures. It worked out pretty well, since this kind of envelope fits perfectly in cartoonish themes. Like the other point-and-click games from nowadays, you’re going to have some trouble finding stuff since they merge into the scenario and makes it a nightmare for you to find them. But there are two unique features in this game that made me love it. The first one is the F1 feature, the HELP option! I’ve never seen this kind of help, but since Pendulo Studios knew they were making a hardcore game, it’s a must-have feature. It’s like pointing you the direction without directly telling you what to do, so thumbs up for this unique feature!

Another great thing is the F2 key, which highlights the points of the scenario you can interact with. If you find yourself in a huge scenario and find yourself lost with the amount of stuff available, just take a deep breath and press F2, then check it all one by one.

runaway a twist of fate Happy Dale The Runaway runaway a twist of fate runaway a twist of fate

For the sad part, I’d say that at the first hours this game is going to punish you so hard you will almost regret it. That’s because the first chapter is a little stupid, and you need to manage the puzzles basically on your own. Not all the hints can really help you, and when you find the solutions you’re going to be like “Nah, that’s so absurd! Argh!”. But if you can manage through these parts you will be pretty OK with the rest of the game, since you will get its logic and difficulty. Depite the fact it really hurts in this initiation, the whole game is a pretty well-made and rewarding puzzle. It’s also brilliant how Pendulo Studios also connect the story with the other titles, and even if you’ve never played them, you can already imagine the story, and you will be even rewarded with some cutscenes. So, that’s how I’ve gave this incredible game a 4,5 rate out of 5!

Review – Runaway A Twist of Fate, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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