Review: The Ball – Puzzle and Shooter!

Review: The Ball – Puzzle and Shooter!
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I know, the name is generic, but you will be amazed when you find out what it’s about. Welcome to the world of The Ball! Explore ancient ruins; enter a dangerous world full of mysteries and monsters. With an Unreal 3 engine, Teotl Studios was able to develop something really incredible. Stepping up to the playing field and changing the very concept of a first person action game. Take note, and let’s have a closer look on this good work.

The game premise is to get you into an unexplored region of New Mexico. You were working on an excavation with your team and somehow things got, well, bad! Actually very bad, since the spot you were digging suddenly collapsed and you fell. I know, it’s not some great story, but never mind it, you still can enjoy it without thinking about how that happened. Thing is, you are completely alone, unarmed, and without a clue of what are you facing next. The whole mountain seems like an ancient cave of some sort, and you go deeper and deeper to find out more about this new place. Let’s take a look at some gameplay pictures.

the ball title screen the ball the ball enemies


From the very beginning you will find the gameplay very easy to follow. You walk around, jump, crouch, and that’s it. As you feel completely vulnerable to the dangers that await you, by exploring the cave you find an ancient artifact that is going to save your life and put some meaning on your exploration. The Ball! Not only this, but there are ancient writings, artifacts (the secret collectibles are very cool to find), and… Monkeys! Oh yeah, lots of beaten up old monkeys! I haven’t gone far enough to find out what could they possibly be doing inside that mountain, but let’s kill some monkeys! Seeing that you are all alone in that eerie place and have to try a way out, you find an ancient “weapon” along with The Ball. This thing is capable of controlling the ball’s movements, with some sort of magnetism. I found it pretty cool because the idea is very unique and fun. Coming across lots of puzzles and monsters trying to rip you apart, you decide to follow the clues and solve them as you try to find your way out of this nightmare. Along with the story mode there’s also a survival one. Let’s take a look at some gameplay screenshots I’ve took when playing:

the ball spider mummy monsters the ball spider mummy monsters strange weapon the ball spider mummy monsters

As you carry your ball throughout the level, your mission on survival (besides… surviving!) is to kill a certain quota of enemies until you get to the boss. You can count with traps that activate when you step on them, The Ball, and of course some strategies so you can get them before you are overrun. The game resolution is incredible; too bad I don’t have a powerful machine to enjoy it. Those screens you’ve saw above were taken with the minimum resolution possible, so expect some much better resolution than that. The Story puzzles are pretty well made and survival mode can really satisfy your blood lust. There’s an “achievements” option so you can see how far you’ve gone and they are pretty fun to hunt. The game flaws are minor details that could be even better. For instance, they could have worked a little more on the story, it’s clearly not the smartest, and the narration could be explained somehow. It could be your character doing it, but you can’t see your face at all (or maybe I couldn’t figure it out).

For a job well done and an unique gameplay, I give Teotl Studios’ Ball a 4 out of 5! Wanna get more info? Click here for the official site.

Review: The Ball - Puzzle and Shooter!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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