Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales

Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales
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Do you remember some masterpieces such as Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle? Point-an-click games just got leveled up with this awesome game, The Book of Unwritten Tales! Travel through this fantasy world and help restore peace once and for all!

This production by Nordic Games and King Art Games tells us about a gremlin archaeologist named Mortimer MacGuffin, who made an important discovery that can change the tides of the war forever. The Army of the Shadows surrounded the poor gremlin and kidnapped him, but not before he secures this powerful artifact to a mighty…. Gnome! Wilbur Weathervane isn’t like the gnomes you know, the little buddy has a special touch for magic. With an incredible sense of humor and justice, he carries the responsibility of deliver a magic ring (I know this sounds familiar, but that was on purpose) to the Arch-Mage.

Wilbur Weathervane Wilbur Weathervane's home Wilbur Arch-Mage

There are three more heroes in this game that are going to make the difference. They are Princess Ivodora Eleonora Clarissa (just call her Ivo), a beautiful elf that crossed paths with the gremlin MacGuffin, the human pirate Nathaniel Bonnet – even more humorous than Wilbur – and Critter, a hairy-thing that looks like a puppet of some sort. The fun here is to experience all kinds of conversation and the way each of them reacts to the story. Every one has unique types of understanding and effectively solving the puzzles you will come across. Another beautiful feature is that the usable items in the background are not so easy to spot like the games back in the 90’s. In order to solve the troubles you encounter, you really have to search the area for the objects that will help you. This is due to the fact, the “useful” objects don’t shine or sparkle like they do in other point-an-click titles, they merge into the background, just like the other objects that are of no use at all.
Princess Ivodora Making a potion Princess Ivo

This point-and-click type adventure is wonderful, not only for bringing this style live again, but for taking it to a more deep story and gameplay. Let’s take a closer look now and rate it: You play with 3 characters, each one with unique strategies and possibilities. Very humorous, you’re gonna laugh at some movies-related jokes and similarities. Nice music as well.

For the sad part I would say the lip syncing does not function with all characters. For the most it is awesome, for others it clashed with the character’s model. There is also a feeling you get when playing this game that looks like it haven’t been finished. So animation flaws makes for a little disappointment, but not enough for putting this title aside, it’s definitely an awesome game! So for reminding us the great value of point-and-click games and for the astounding scenario, let’s give The Book of Unwritten Tales a 4 out of 5.

Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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