Review: Zen Pinball 2 Marvel Civil War

Review: Zen Pinball 2 Marvel Civil War
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From the most famous pinball games developers, Zen Pinball 2 from Zen Studios is the most addictive and catching pinball game I have ever gripped my joystick for. From my previous reviews you may have already noticed I’m not exactly a pinball fan, so that’s what really intriguing about this one. It’s pinball, and yes, I’ve liked a lot!


zen pinball 2 marvel civil war zen pinball 2 marvel civil war

If you haven’t downloaded Zen Pinball 2 yet, it has to go to the 1st To Do list immediately, if you’re up to some casual gaming. The game itself is free, so it’s like a pinball store you install in your console. After doing so, without buying anything at all, you get access to all tables for a demo play. Whenever you feel like buying one for unlimited playing, the game connects to the PlayStation Store and you purchase the table (or pack) for it. It’s also very important to mention that if you have already bought any tables for it in your PS Vita, you can just import them to your PS3 version! So yes, you can either play it in your Vita or in your PS3. For me, I’ve enjoyed some hours of Marvel Civil War table. The incredible audio and visual effects captivated my attention to their details and HQ style.

A civil war just broke out in Stamford, Connecticut, and a league of super villains are to blame, of course. Problem is there are two different conceptions to deal with it. Iron Man stands for superheroes registration with the government so they can fight for justice together. He describes it as needed so people can actually get to know who they are thrusting their lives to. Then comes Captain America, who doesn’t want to be involved in politics, just want to keep things the way they are, and fight for freedom as their real identity mystery still stands. The table is pretty well constructed, with lots of bumpers, kickers, holes, spins and crazy stuff that are going to surprise you. Another awesome feature is that the game supports a 3D view, so it’s pretty impressive seeing things right at your face while playing.


zen pinball 2 marvel civil war zen pinball 2 marvel civil war

The game physics is very real and by the same time smooth. You can actually feel the weight of the ball you kick, and the visual effects put some awesome glamour to your gameplay experience. The heroes are there, fighting each other (literally) on the table, interacting and giving different opinions to the Marvel Civil War. While you score points and do some crazy looping combos, you will notice some especial areas where you can gather allies, multi ball, multiplier bonuses and points. Sad thing is I’m so bad at this, but as I’ve said before, I’ve had some great time playing it. Finally a game that can satisfy you whenever you play it, even if you only got some 20 minutes of spare time!

Only thing is to blame on Zen Studios is that they could have done some more depth to the table, like extras, unlockables or mini games. So don’t expect a huge and incredible pinball experience. Just expect to have a lot of fun with some cool Marvel Heroes, no serious gameplay and you will do just fine. One great feature Zen Studios put in the game is the possibility to adjust some little details like the game physics, how many balls are you going to play with, and some other cool stuff to take a look. They disable the scoreboard, but whenever you feel like having a good time without caring for scoreboards, it’s definitely a good experience. Along with the single game you can also play on local and on PSN multi player. There’s a split-screen and hotseat (sharing the controller, each one acts separately) for offline multi player and also the online game type.

If you’re reading this the world is not over, so get your PS3 ready on Playstation Store and download your ┬áZen Pinball 2! I gave this game a 4 out of 5, so you should check it out!

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