Saints Row 2 – That 100G Co-Op Achievement

Saints Row 2 – That 100G Co-Op Achievement

I know, I know, Saints Row 3 is due to be released within a month, but for some of us, we’re late to the Saints Row series. At first I was sceptical about buying the game because it seemed a lot like GTA, which I loved when I was younger, but then realized I got sidetracked trying to shoot the police so the missions never got completed, and I didn’t want to get stuck in the same trap I was however pursuaded to give it ago and am glad I did, but I digress, you’ve been playing with your co-op partner from the start, you’ve had the achievements pop up for completing, Samedi, Brotherhood, Ultor missions in co-op so where is your 100G?

If you, like me and my co-op partner (Verti) had this and then got totally bummed out fear not as I have the answer, by this I mean I shall tell you what our issue(s) were.

First things first, hit start, check your statistics and scroll to where it shows how many co-op missions you’ve left to do. Chances are you will find out you’ve done either 41 of 42, or 40 of 42.

Saints Row 2 – Issue 1 (41 of 42):
  1. Take a look at your achievements, have you earnt the vengeance achievement (Exacted revenge on Julius) if not, fear not, you can start this hidden secret mission at any time.
  2. Head over to the Still Water Police Department (bottom center of the Saints Row District). Hopefully you have no notoriety so put your gun away and enter.
  3. Head to the third floor, and there is one enterable room marked authorized personnel only, enter the room and press Y on each of the three marked locations.
  4. After listening to each tape, head to the back room, where you will find the phone number for Dex. Hit Start scroll across to the phone option and give him a call.
  5. Follow the instructions and the rest is history, once completed both achievements will pop up (Partners in Crime 100G and Vengeance 15G).
Saints Row 2 – Issue 2 (40 of 42):

This is more than likely the first mission (where you escape the jail). The main reason people miss this is because as soon as the host has finished creating their character your thrown into a mission (meaning the other player has to wait). The solution is simple;

  1. Follow the above steps and once complete make sure you save the game.
  2. Have one person create a new game and whilst creating character send invite out to the other (do not exit character creation until your co-op partner confirms they are in the game). Please also note that when entering the game (from invite) to load up the game save with 41 of 42, otherwise it will not work.
  3. Simply escape the prison, kill all the boats and helicopters. Once the boat stops and you get mission complete the achievement should pop up BUT, only for the person who joined the game, not the host.
  4. Reverse roles, if you got the achievement, take over the role of host and follow steps 2 and 3 again.

I hope that this helped you get that much deserved 100G. If your after any hints or tips on the game then feel free to drop a comment below or hit me up on Twitter. Be sure to keep popping back for new content who knows you may even learn how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

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