Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist

So right now everyone seems to be abuzz about “Assassins Creed: Black Flag” and yes the game is causing quite the stir. With promises of seamless transitions between game styles, running onto a ship only to sale off into the sunset, engage in naval tomfoolery and subsequently board another. Yes it all sounds very nice, but since I was so excited for ACIII and was horribly disappointed with the game we got (Where’s Charles Lee), I remain ambiguous and somewhat skeptical. However… Ubisoft have peaked my interest in another of their established franchise sequels, one I dare say hasn’t seen a mass of publicity.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is coining on to be my most anticipated game of the year… and with good reason.
The single player campaign preview we got at last years E3 caused a wave of outrage from the more reserved of the gaming society, the media and of course, the angry parents who think video games and Marilyn Manson are the cause of all gun related atrocities. The torture scene was indeed fairly brutal but nothing todays jaded and desensitized gamers haven’t seen before, but since it’s been cut from the final game, the aforementioned anti game groups can pull the stick out of their arses.

I’m a fan of the series, every game has been brilliant aside from the disappointing Splinter Cell: Conviction, which lacked a lot of its sub title. In being a fan I am pretty annoyed about the recast of Sam since Micheal Ironside has done such a fantastic job as Sam Fisher, but provided the script is strong and the replacement has ability I guess I can let it slide. The game does sound like it’s going to roll with the punches… the many, many “bounce your head off a sink”, punches. Sam’s newly formed Fourth Echelon team taking on a group of terrorists in a cat and mouse countdown of ultimate destruction and ninja-ing.

It all looks very shiny with some saucy mood lighting, slick animations and variable game styles.

I have never played much Splinter Cell multiplayer since it never really grabbed me… It takes something special for me to get sucked into a multiplayer mode, since so many in heavily narrative games are just tacked on. Nonetheless, this one has grabbed my attention, with a sexy mash up of 1st person, shoot shit till it dies, and 3rd person ninja skills. As they always do, the trailers have promised much and I’m sure by release the boys and girls at Ubisoft will have had to make some concessions but regardless this chubby ninja fan is definitely waiting for the August 23rd release with plenty of mirth and anticipation.

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