Super Techno Kitten Adventure Kickstarter For PC

Super Techno Kitten Adventure Kickstarter For PC

Attention boys and girls, guys and dolls, people of all maturity, and game lovers of kinds!!!! What if I told you there could be an upgraded version of Super Techno Kitten Adventure for the PC on the way? No need to clean out your ears. It’s true. For those of you who don’t know, Super Techno Kitten Adventure is an endless side-scrolling action game featuring jetpacked-equipped kittens all played to techno tunes. Dodge and explode obstacles as you collect coins. It’s cute, fun, and challenging all in one fuzzy bundle!! But, 21st Street Games needs your help to get it done. How could I help, you ask?

21st Street Games has started a Kickstart Campaign in order to raise the funding to make this better version of Super Techno Kitten Adventure for the PC. The game is already out for iOS and Xbox Live. But they would like to add more levels, music, and features (like multiplayer and create-a-kitteh, which contains over 27,000 costume combos) to make it a better experience. The problem that 21st Street Games is having that they are calling upon the great gamer consumers is they have all these great ideas but no funding. They are asking for a wonderful donation from all of us to make this dream come true. The goal is to raise $100,000 by August 7th, 2012. So the end date is quickly approaching. There is no specific amount you have to donate. But if you want this game to be released, the most you can donate will really help. With donations over $15 you will receive rewards.


Super Techno Kitten Adventure

The rewards include (and there are a lot of them):

$15 or more – a copy of the game upon it’s release, exclusive wallpaper pack in multiple resolutions for Desktop, Tablets, and Phones, and get your name on the Wall of Awezome on the official website.

$25 or more – Previous Rewards + The original Techno Kitten Adventure for PC download including DREAM, LAVA, CLOUD & MEAT Packs. (This has never been available before and is not available anywhere else!!) + DRM Free MP3 of “Taste of Heavin” from the original TKA’s Meat Pack

$40 or more – Previous Rewards + An advance download of the DRM Free Super Techno Kitten Adventure Soundtrack! Any TKA fan knows- it’s all about the awesome music. New songs from S3RL, Fracus, R-KADE and many more! Get the full album before the game is released!

$60 or more – Previous Rewards + The Limited Edition Super Techno Kitten Adventure Jetpack Kitteh T-shirt for you and in-game for your custom Kitteh. Printed & Downloadable for Kickstarter backers and never available again!

$100 or more – Previous Rewards + The Super Techno Kitten Adventure BETA BUNDLE including: Early Beta access to the game on PC, Mac and iOS, membership in our Super Techno Kitten Adventure Beta Forums where you’ll be able to communicate with the team throughout development & receive news, videos, art and previews before anyone else + YOUR NAME in the Beta Testers section of the actual game credits!! This is the reward for anyone who has dreamed about being involved in the creation of a video game.

$250 or more – Previous Rewards + A limited edition physical copy of the game for PC & Mac featuring custom packaging & artwork + A gorgeous Hardcover Super Techno Kitten Adventure art book signed by the entire team, featuring an original sketch by one of the Super Techno Kitten Adventure artists right on the cover.

$500 or more – Previous Rewards + 2 copies of an extremely limited pressing of the Super Techno Kitten Adventure soundtrack on Rainbow vinyl. The team has taken great care to create a truly unique art piece for TKA and Music fans. Why do we give you 2 copies? So you can keep one in mint condition & play the other!

Close up

$750 or more – Previous Rewards + An Original framed piece of concept art by lead illustrator and Eisner Award Nominee, Rolo Ledesma. This is not a print or lithograph. This is original artwork used to create actual art assets within the game.

$1000 or more – Previous Rewards + An Original 12″x12″ canvas painting by STKA Art Director, Narek Gevorgian. This is not a copy. This is an actual painting by the dude responsible for the pretty rainbows and cute kittehs you’ve come to love.

$2500 or more – Previous Rewards + You get to choose 3 background items to place into a level in STKA (upon approval). Work directly with our team to add your own personal touches into the TKA universe.

$5000 or more – Previous Rewards + Spend the day at 21st Street Games and work with our art team to create your own custom Kitteh that will be an official playable character in STKA (upon approval). Then join the team for a night out in your honor at Barcade if you’re over 21 or Dave & Buster’s if you’re under 21. (1 Night Hotel in NYC included!)

$10000 or more – Previous Rewards + Join the team for a night of glory with box seats at Yankees Stadium accompanied by a mystery celebrity (TBA)! Dine on sushi and hot dogs with game developers and a celeb in a suite at a baseball game! AND Super Kittehs also get an invite to one of Maxim’s upcoming exclusive VIP parties!!! Past events have included Comic-Con, Super Bowl and Oscar parties.(2 Day/1 Night Travel expenses to NYC included!)


For more info on the goals and features to this upcoming bombshell visit


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