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  • The Last Of Us hands on

    5 CommentsPosted by on May 24, 2013 under Previews, Reviews
    Recently I had the opportunity to The Last Of Us at my local GAME store, in Solihull, for their lock-in event. I met up with some friends and we discussed what we thought about the new Xbox as the unveil was the night before. After waiting a little while we were let inside, the first in too, and I went straight for the nearest demo console and was away.   The demo was a pre-alpha build ... more.
  • Orcs Must Die! 2 – Demo and Sale

    2 CommentsPosted by on July 29, 2012 under News
    With just a few days until the release of Orcs Must Die! 2, Robot Entertainment today has announced that they’re celebrating the final countdown with demos, deals, and the long-awaited release of the Orcs Must Die! soundtrack! Players looking to be the first to get their hands on Orcs Must Die! 2 can now download the demo and start sleighing their way through two of the game’s early levels in ... more.
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