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  • Bioshock Infinite

    1 CommentsPosted by on May 19, 2013 under Featured, Reviews
    So the new installment of the Bioshock series has been possibly the most anticipated games of the decade so far. It saw a string of media upheavals from its initial announcement right up to its release, with more than a few fan boys (and girls) rubbing their hands together in mouth-watering excitement. I’ll be honest, I wasn't overly bothered by it leading up to the release and it wasn't in my t... more.
  • Is Bioshock infinite the best game of our generation?

    5 CommentsPosted by on April 24, 2013 under Featured, News
    I  have toyed with the idea of this article for sometime now, wondering whether I should make it a review piece, a feature of just, well, a news addition and I have been unable to reach any proper conclusion on what this is actually going to be, but what I do know is that it will definitely not be a review. I want to address the game Bioshock Infinite and the potential for it to be the best game... more.
  • “BioShock Infinite” Collector’s Editions, New Trailer Revealed

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 23, 2012 under News
    So, 2K Games has this little sequel coming out to some minor franchise of theirs. BioShock Infinite doesn't ring a bell with me, but perhaps there's some rabid fan base out there chomping on the bit for more information on the impending release. Being so dedicated, they may even be ready to drop some extra cash for some additional goodies, both physical and digital. If so, then they'll be happy to... more.
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