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  • Review: Paper Mario Sticker Star

    0 CommentsPosted by on December 14, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    The next installment to the much loved Paper Mario series has finally arrived, and this time it has found its home on the 3DS. Paper Mario is an interesting concept, it takes the underlying Mario formula, makes everything out of cardboard and paper (essentially 2D) then makes it a 3D Mario game with a turn based battle system. It is a formula that has had some slight tweaks over the years, an... more.
  • Review: New Super Mario Brothers 2

    0 CommentsPosted by on December 14, 2012 under Featured, Reviews
    Mario has been jumping around like a maniac for over 25 years now, and boy have we loved him. Mario is so big in fact, that when you look at the numbers, people who play Call of Duty are actually a minority in the gaming world...needless to say, this fat Italian plumber is a popular icon. Once again Mario is back to save the kingdom, defeat the dark forces in his way and get the girl...but is this... more.
  • Review: Mutant Mudds (PC)

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 8, 2012 under Reviews
    Mutant Mudds, a single player, 12 bit, 2D, platformer developed by Renegade Kid, was released for Nintendo 3DS and later released for PC. I had the pleasure of playing the PC version. If you love a challenge and enjoy the hard work of platform games, Mutant Mudds is the perfect game for you! This game is rated E so if you are looking for a fun game that even the kids can enjoy, you will find that... more.
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