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  • E3 2015: Xbox One Getting Backwards Compatibility

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 15, 2015 under Featured, News
    During their E3 media conference, Phil Spencer took to the stage to announce the release of an oft-requested feature: backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Working with both digital titles and physical discs, the update will allow around 100 games at launch, with more to come. The implementation will be dependent upon publishers, whom have to approve their games becoming backwards compatib... more.
  • Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 3 Releasing Soon

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 11, 2015 under News
    Catch a riiiiiide! Well, actually, you might be aching to get back to Pandora, since Episode 2 of Telltale Games' enjoyable Tales from the Borderlands released way back in March. Well, today may just blow your face off (or at least get you a little excited...); Telltale Games (via their blog) has announced that Episode 3: Catch a Ride will be coming sooner than you may think. The week of June 23rd... more.
  • Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (X360)

    3 CommentsPosted by on October 31, 2012 under Reviews
    Gems are always a nice thing to unexpectedly run into. Whether they're of the diamond kind or of the video game kind, it is indeed a pleasant surprise. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is of the latter variety (unless someone dropped some jewelry at the factory, you lucky fool). I had heard a bit about it before and during release, but then it more or less vanished into obscurity. And, that's a shame... more.
  • “Hitman: Absolution” Voice Cast Revealed

    1 CommentsPosted by on October 30, 2012 under News
    Square Enix today revealed the voice cast for Hitman: Absolution via their official blog. Among the star-studded cast are the likes of a drug lord, a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, a pirate, a porn star from the 80s, and even good 'ole Uncle Rico! Take a look at the full list: Agent 47 - David Bateson (Voice), William Mapother (Motion Capture) Mapother's previous work include... more.
  • “BioShock Infinite” Collector’s Editions, New Trailer Revealed

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 23, 2012 under News
    So, 2K Games has this little sequel coming out to some minor franchise of theirs. BioShock Infinite doesn't ring a bell with me, but perhaps there's some rabid fan base out there chomping on the bit for more information on the impending release. Being so dedicated, they may even be ready to drop some extra cash for some additional goodies, both physical and digital. If so, then they'll be happy to... more.
  • Review: Intel Discovered (XBLA)

    1 CommentsPosted by on October 22, 2012 under Reviews
    Sponsored by Intel, Intel Discovered is not a "game", so to speak. Sure, you "play" it and there's a score, but it'd classify as more a Kinect-enabled quicktime event than a full interactive experience. I'd definitely classify it as more of an "interactive film". But, this is in no way a bad thing. It's still an entertaining, though VERY short, experience.     The premise is sim... more.
  • Review: Fable III (X360)

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 18, 2012 under Reviews
    Game worlds are always interesting. Sometimes you have to traverse a large, dangerous world to save a princess from some monster or sometimes you have to take out an evil, world-threatening force. And sometimes, you have to give royal decrees in a chicken suit before having an orgy and then murdering the participants and the surrounding village while pointing and laughing at all the orphans. This ... more.
  • Paranormal Table for Pinball FX2 FREE!!

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 26, 2011 under Featured, News
    That's right folks, Zen Studios have released a new table for Pinball FX2 and it is FREE for one week only. From 26th October to 02 November you can get this table at no cost (and it remains yours FREE forever), if you miss this offer and download it after 02 November it will cost you 240 Microsoft Point so make sure you grab the freebie. The following is the official table description courtesy... more.
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