The Last Of Us hands on

The Last Of Us hands on

Recently I had the opportunity to The Last Of Us at my local GAME store, in Solihull, for their lock-in event. I met up with some friends and we discussed what we thought about the new Xbox as the unveil was the night before. After waiting a little while we were let inside, the first in too, and I went straight for the nearest demo console and was away.


The demo was a pre-alpha build and was still visually awesome, played well and was action packed. The demo start us in a large open area in a ruined city with two companions Ellie who have to keep safe, for an as of yet unknown reason, and Tess who seems to be more a tutorial character leading the way for the first little section. The city ruins, as to which I’m guessing you’re intrigued by, was bombed in attempt to kill off a lethal and specialised strain of Cordyceps Unilateralis which has evolved and infected human and animals. The infected come in several flavours but in the demo we get 2 variations to whet the appetite there are runners, look like average humans but run fast and luckily they’re easy to beat down with a melee attack or two, and then there’s the clickers, the worst of 2 type which cant be beat down, take 2 head shots to dispatch due to the shell like fungal growth on they’re heads and if they get close enough well its game over unfortunately I found this out many times having died too many times to count.

Right on to the guts of the demo as I mention the demo starts us in an open city area with lots of crumbling and deteriorating buildings. The first place that gives us a great visual of Naughty Dogs work is just minutes in when we get to an overhang looking out into the ruins of a once major population hub. This is the point where we get to lead the way, crouching and navigating around some collapsed walls we enter a large crumbling building. Once inside and if you pay attention to your surroundings, as I did, there are items that can be collected to craft various items from a melee weapon to Molotov cocktail, I also spotted a revolve on the floor in the building and grabbed it for later use. Progressing through the building there’s a section of wall which you need to give Tess a boost in order to clamber up. This where we meet the first of many infected in the demo, a clicker, to get past there are bricks and bottles that can be thrown to distract the clicker who see with sound. Pretty much everyone there tried to take him on and this ended with fatal consequences.

There’s a section further on where we meet runners and yet another clicker, I admit it the runners were easy but the clicker got me every time. The best bit was after the subway section we arrive in a shopping/station area with a few infected, after picking up a Molotov earlier, I threw it giving me chance to pick up a shotgun off the floor. Every head shot was so satisfying with the sounds of bone crunching and the boom chit-chit of the shotgun. Fast forward some more to a bank style building with yet more infected which are easily dispatched, in the centre of the building is a dumpster which can be moved. I moved the dumpster to the truck I passed on the way into the building. I hopped up, over and down the other side of the truck leading towards the end of the demo and exit the area but this shutter make such a loud noise that it attracts a large horde of infected, kinda like the car alarms in Left 4 Dead 2, and luckily you get it open in the nick of time.

I asked my friend Ben what his opinions were on the game, “what did you like about the last of us?”  Ben: ” I really liked the pacing and the feeling of desperation as you look for supplies.”  “So would you pre order the game?” Ben: ” Sure I would pre-order it if not for the fact i don’t have a PS3.”

Overall I would recommend this for pre order, as you’ll get your mitts on the some extra DLC goodness, if you liked the film I am legend then you’ll like this game with its fast pace and the thinking you’ll need to do in order to survive. I’d rate it 4.5 out of 5. Thanks to good guys at my local GAME I have an exclusive to the event double sided poster for the game to give away (so keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway post). Ill be back with another lock in write up soon!

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