There Is No “i” In Team… Is there?

There Is No “i” In Team… Is there?

Working in the game industry largely requires team work. Perhaps team work is the foundation of creating games.

You need your directors, managers, publishers, lead artists, character artists, environment artists, concept artists, prop artists, texture artists, special effects, sound, coders and more. If one works on their own with all these skills, then you have a very lucky (and probably busy) employer. Definitely has his/her work cut out for them!

But sometimes working in a “team” is not enough.

There will be times where you will need to “carry” people across the project, and this is what my lecturer mentioned to me when I ┬ávolunteered to be manager of a project.

It certainly was a lesson well learnt!

There were people who worked hard and created phenomenally good results, and some simply tried. I even got a response, and I quote; “Unless I am getting paid, I am not going to listen.”

Instead of crying in a corner about my management skills in the corner of the classroom and doubting whether I was being terrible at my job, I figured that this did grant me a chance to handle these situations tactfully.

By setting objectives for those students within a week, and testing their capabilities, especially for a live client project, the result was obtained in the end!

Simply put, draw the line of friends and colleagues. You are working for a live client, and his satisfaction in your work is of the utmost importance. Respect is a two way street, so manage carefully and your team will pull through with fantastic results!



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