Thunder Wolves Announced!

Thunder Wolves Announced!

Ubisoft has just made an awesome announcement. There’s a new game coming up, and it’s not your generic first person shooter, nor it is one of those standard sports game that 6 months after the release you are going to trash it, or sell it for 5 dollars. It’s a chopper game, oh yeah! Well, Thunder Wolves is about driving towards destruction and raging war against global terrorists. You can pilot 8 different choppers, upgrade them to the fullest, and select your weapons arsenal to match your playing style. Here’s their official trailer!

In Thunder Wolves you will be facing recon missions, sneaking behind the enemy lines so you can gather info, support and save your allies from their demise, an of course, attack missions – when violence is the only answer! You can play it in offline coop, too. While one player controls the chopper, the other one stick to the guns…

thunder wolves ubisoft thunder wolves ubisoft explosions thunder wolves ubisoft sun
thunder wolves ubisoft thunder wolves ubisoft missiles

The best part is, Thunder Wolves will be released for Xbox Live Arcade, Sony Entertainment Network (PSN) and PC via download in the first quarter of 2013. So you will have a lot of options to pick from. Good gaming everyone.

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