Trine 2 – Review

Trine 2 – Review
4.5/5 Review Score:

Trine 2 is a side scrolling, action platformer from Atlus that continues where the first one left off. You play as one of three characters, a knight, a thief or a magician, making your way through level after level of puzzling, colorful craziness.

Each of the 3 characters has their own unique traits and abilities;

Amadeus the Wizard has the ability to conjure boxes and planks, shoot fireballs and move small inanimate objects.

Pontius the Knight is armed with a sword, a shield and a great big hammer.

Zoya the Thief uses a grappling hook to cling onto items and swing across various traps. Combines the arial advantage with the use of arrows and you’re onto a winner.

Out of all the characters, I have to say, I preferred the thief. Something about swinging between platforms and making items tipple and topple just appealed to me more than the others. I dare say many will disagree with my choice, as having the ability to conjure blocks out of nothing to clamber on top of, or the ability to slog goblins with an axe, would be more to others liking.


Throughout the course of the Trine 2 you will find a number of puzzles where you’ll have to use air, fire, water and gravity to overcome them. Not everything is as straight forward as they first appear, and whilst playing, I found it took a while to realize what I was meant to do.
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Although I haven’t played the multiplayer of Trine 2, it is like Fable III where you will have the same screen (not split) and can not progress without your co-op partner(s). Each of the players will take on a different character and progress through each level at the same time. This will obviously require you to communicate with each other, and could make local multiplayer more enjoyable than online.


The visuals of each level are nothing short of breath taking. Whether it be a hill miles away in the background, or a tree in the foreground, they are nothing short of beautiful. This combined with the laid back music makes for a relaxing game, even I, a guy who’s nothing short of a rage gamer, especially when I can’t work out something that’s staring me in the face, felt relaxed when playing it.


The controls take some getting used to. Even now I still have a tendency to change character when I’m wanting to change weapon, but it’s not as bad I was when I first started. Learning how to manipulate the environments is something that you will also pick up with practice. Eventually, you’ll be wondering how you struggled to do something in the first place. My main problem was rotating inanimate objects, but once you pick it up, you’ll be a whiz(ard) in no time.


Overall I’d give Trine 2 4.5 out of 5 and one to definitely add to your arcade collection. Whether it be for the Xbox, PS3, or PC it’s sure to be an addition you won’t regret. The only reason it didn’t get a 5, is because sometimes the text was hard to read. Other than that, it is a solid game complete with unique puzzles, awesome characters and stunning visuals.
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