Turtle Beach XL1’s – The Review

Turtle Beach XL1’s – The Review
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So, you’ve been playing Modern Warfare 3, and no matter how quiet you try to be, one guy always seems to know that your coming, they’re not using the heartbeat sensor, so how do they do it?

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been trying out the Turtle Beach XL1 headset courtesy of LygoWorld International. Could it improve your game playing abilities? Continue reading to find out my thoughts.

The Turtle Beach XL1’s are your beginner style headset, affordable in price, easy to set up, durable, and can (in the right game modes) give you a slight edge over the competition. If your used to your sound coming out of your TV, chances are your unaware of all the hidden noises some games can offer, your probably getting snuck up on a fair bit too.

When I say that these are easy to set up, I’m not kidding, your looking at 4 connections (2 in the back of your TV, 1 in the xbox, the other being to your controller (only if wanting voice chat)). and then its job done and away you go.

Although the Turtle Beach XL1’s are not 5.1 Surround Sound, they work great as a stereo headset, you can tell which direction the enemy is coming from and can hear them creeping up on you too.  The amplified sound gives you the little edge so if you know your surroundings (mainly terrain) and the noise it makes, you can gauge just how far away the enemy are, without actually having to see them (kinda perfect for those who like to hold down an area).

If your looking for a great looking headset, them I’m sorry the Turtle beach XL1’s are not the one’s for you as they are not the most stylish of headsets to look at. This does not mean however, that they are uncomfortable. For medium length gaming sessions, they certainly did the job, and to some degree you forget they are on your head (I can’t comment for sessions over 4 hours as I’ve not had the chance to play marathon sessions recently).

One feature I do like on the Turtle Beach XL1’s is the fact you can adjust the game volume, separate to the voice chat volume, too many times do you end up in lobbies where you have to turn the volume down, but in doing so effects the game volume too, the Turtle Beach XL1’s however solve this issue (so thumbs up).

Turtle Beach XL1
Are they worth it? – For a beginner gaming headset, then yes, for those wishing to have 5.1 surround then with the basic headset I’m afraid not, you can however, pay extra and get the DSS system with the headset to make it surround.
How easy are they to install? – I’ve had a couple of gaming headsets and these are one of the easiest to set up, the hardest part was trying to get into the packaging, other than that your talking a couple of minutes to plug everything in, and set up your volume so your comfortable with it.
Where do they ship to? They have suppliers all over the world so be sure to check your amazons, gamestops, and best buys.
Comfort – 8/10
Ease to use – 9.5/10
Will I notice a difference? – Yes, especially if you’ve not been using a headset previously, things will sound clearer, and you’ll also be able to hear people coming a lot sooner.
Will it make me Pro? – Afraid not, no one gaming accessory will turn you into a “Pro Gamer” although, they can help you on your journey, it’s down to you and practice (unless your just naturally gifted).

Anything bad about them? They’re not the most exotic headset to look at, but lets be honest, you don’t buy a headset to be stylish, you buy them because you want to hear things clearer, so apart from that, not in my eyes.

Would I recommend them? – If your wanting to get a basic headset then I would recommend these, they are a great beginner headset, which are extremely affordable. If you buy a set, and feel like they are they ones for you, you can always purchase the DSS to make them 5.1 surround. As far as headsets go, I’d give this an 4 out of 5.

This review was only made possible by the good folks at LygoWorld so a big thanks to them for sending me a headset for review. Make sure to check out their newly launched facebook page where you’ll find some competitions, reviews and freebies. Lets also not forget to give TurtleBeach a follow, as well as myself (@Butty578). Make sure you keep coming back to the site so you can check all the fresh content as its added to the site.

  • l4yn3br1570w
    December 29, 2012
    GD Star Rating

    i cant get my XL1s to play the gameplay sound:( i need help! please

    • Butty
      December 29, 2012
      GD Star Rating

      Have you tried clicking the menu button on your controller, scrolling to the right, clicking preferences, and having it come through your headset? It could also be you needing to change the sound settings too

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