Review: Unmechanical – A Sad Story

Review: Unmechanical – A Sad Story
2.0/5 Review Score:

When I first got my hands playing Unmechanical I’ve thought – that’s OK, the story is coming soon, maybe after I solve this first puzzle. Then I’ve noticed there was no “Menu” of any sort. Well, that was after I had also noticed that the intro had already passed after the first 2 minutes of the game and I didn’t even care enough to notice it. Let me try to explain how a brilliant idea can get regular and generic.


The game starts with a little animation of the robot Unmechanical (I just named the character “Unmechanical” because it has no name) taking a stroll and BANG! – It was captured by a… thing. Then it just goes down and down the tubes, while you are introduced to the developers of the game through credits. That’s no problem at all, the graphics and lightning effects are quite a show and since the game is at its very beginning, you get anxious to see how deep the Robot is going and what great adventures await him. The control is pretty cool and easy to get, and the Unreal physics add some real gravity and motion controls to the game. The Unmechanical posses a super ray attached to its bottom that you can use to carry things from one place to another – and solve puzzles. And that’s all there is to it! You grab stuff, carry them over from place to place, and then use them where you find it will work for what you need.

Unmechanical Unmechanical unmechanical colors puzzle

How far can we get with this game? Well, if you’re really into it, you can clear it in 3 or 4 hours at maximum. And there is no replay factor, you get the two endings and are both stupid. You end up feeling like… “Is it over already?” Of course we have to consider that it was developed by new studios, being their first game and all… But for ten dollars? When I can buy a game like Symphony for the very same price, there’s no way I would spend the same amount to Unmechanical. You can enjoy the looks of it, the funny character and the work on the puzzles, but let’s have a closer look at its flaws!

unmechanical unmechanical last part unmechanical cover
The game soundtrack… wait, there is no soundtrack, just some sound effects and ambiance, no music at all. That is a flaw right there. Then there is the menu, once you press ESC it goes to the menu. It is so ugly it seems unfinished. Also to add to it’s list of issues, there will be sometimes you will respawn in the most rediculous place. That’s because the game has an autosave feature – this feature actually works pretty well – so you can quit anytime you want, then select continue whenever you want to get back to the adventure. But that’s when you can get stuck into the ground, the walls, or something.

Now let me explain why I got so sad when playing this game for the review. I’m afraid that when game studios have the possibility of releasing simple and cheap games (for PSN, Wii Channel, etc), they made it poorly with the intention to use the excuse of “…for the price of a pizza!” like Ubisoft did on Mad Riders. Ask any serious gamer, that is NO excuse at all! That mentality, the Playstation Network and other game networks are going to get flooded with generic and low quality games!

Well, time to end this pain, I’m rating this game 2 out of 5.


Review: Unmechanical – A Sad Story, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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