Review: Wasteland 2

Review: Wasteland 2
4.5/5 Review Score:

Wasteland 2 is an exiting game that had me playing nearly every night, long after i had enough material for my review.

Starting the game I was asked if I wanted to go with an existing party or create my own, so without question I’m making my own party. You have a lot of choices when you are customising your character, and if you want to take in that far you can give your character their own biography, right down to them smoking, and what they smoke to be exact. So after making my badass looking ranger I then had to give him some skills and attributes, there are so many things to choose from and with so little points to start off with you really have to sit back and think to yourself what does my character really need. Last little section on your character was a quirk, these are little things that both help and hinder you, if you want to play it safe you can go with none or a few that just have effects but again these effects can hinder you in some way. The main things that you need to do when making each character from scratch is that they all need to cover the attributes that the team is missing. So after making my party it was time to go out into the wasteland.

A brief intro before you play, this was amazing, you are introduced to the game and how things came about in a cool video that portrays the world as it goes into this wasteland state of decay. The videos introduces you to the desert rangers, who have sadly lost one of their own however it shows how these people pull together in a time of need.

After walking around the base and exploring the wasteland for a bit I really started to enjoy this game, the fact that you have to constantly have to keep toped up with water is another little aspect that I really enjoy. Whilst walking through this wasteland you are met with a vast desert that houses all sorts of threats, areas covered in radiation and mutated animals all want to kill you. Other than these you still have raiders and as no surprise these want to kill you too, however not all is doom and gloom you still have the oasis that you come across to fill up your water canteen.

The combat system is strange if you’re not used to it, it’s a turn by turn combat system where the idea is that you hide and shoot from cover. I enjoy this type of system because it really puts pressure on strategy and everything requires action points, even reloading and sorting out jams. If you haven’t played with this style of combat system before then it will be a little difficult at first. Staying with the combat system there are a few frustrating points that you will come across when in battle, the main one being the point blank shots that you miss, you manage to get up the character only to miss the point blank shot, however the best thing to do in such a close situation would be to use melee attacks.

Coming off of the game play, the graphics are not that of a new flashy game, they go back to their roots and give you a gritty game that has you hooked. With the graphics like this it really brought home how far these games have come, for me it’s like going back and playing those games.  The voice acting too is used well, at times you feel like you are in the story. When you listen to some of the broadcasts you can hear the fear in their voices, if feels real when you hear these blood curdling screams through your headset.

The last point I’m going to make before I round up is the main quests and side quests, these are a little dry to start off with but as you get through the game they start to get really interesting and each one is as exciting as the next.

After playing Wasteland 2 over the last couple of days for a few hours here and there I really started to enjoy the game. Some of the points where hard and I did die a few times at the beginning as I was getting to grips with the game. Overall this game was really good, it wasn’t just another RPG it was a gripping adventure that had me coming back for more each night.

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