Zig Zag Zombie

Zig Zag Zombie

Zig Zag Zombie, an innovative puzzle game is released worldwide by Part Time Evil, LLC. It features a welcome addition to the puzzle genre: cute monsters! Join a Zombie, a Frankenstein monster, a ghost, a missile creature, and their human friend, Zora on a fun quest. The unique physics gameplay of Zig Zag Zombie features “radial aiming” in which the player drags the monsters in circle to aim then in 360 degrees, then presses GO to launch! Each monster has a power that interacts with the environment, which leads to some very creative puzzle solutions, some of which require monsters to help each other.


  • 60 Monstrous Levels!
  • Three cool worlds: Monster School, Ghost Graveyard, and Evil Lab!
  • Regular Updates
  • Cute monster characters, all with their own unique powers!
  • Creative Levels with crazy obstacles
  • SECRET Levels, unlockable by collecting brains!
  • Beautiful Backgrounds and Cinema Scenes
  • Twitter show-off messages to your friends when you beat a level!
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • iPhone Retina graphics

zig zag zombie zig zag zombie zig zag zombie zig zag zombie

WHY ZIG ZAG ZOMBIE IS FUN: If you are a fan of other popular iPhone puzzle games, Zig Zag Zombie is a welcome addition to your device. The refreshingly unique gameplay is addicting and very challenging. Of the five monsters, all have special powers that interact with certain obstacles. So as the game goes on, monsters interact with each other and the obstacles to make crazy puzzles. Since they launch at the same time, timing allows for monsters to hit special obstacles and help each other. The end result is a combination of the geometry of pool and the “I set it up and it works” magic of puzzle games.

-iPhone (with RETINA graphics)

-Kindle Fire
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Zig Zag Zombie Website
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