Battle Sky War

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Battle Sky War

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Battle Sky War


The legendary mobile blaster is returning to commemorate its tenth anniversary in super-destructive fashion. Sky Force 2014 is a breathtaking scrolling shooter experience that includes a significant new social gameplay aspect that draws on the intensity of traditional arcade shoot them ups and the most up-to-date smartphone technology. The video game magazine IGN said ten years ago, “Put simply, Sky Force is awesome.” Sky Force swept through the early mobile gaming landscape with a vengeance. It received an astounding 9.5 out of 10 on the scale. And now it’s back in action. More significant in scale, bolder in expression, and more passionate than ever before, In addition to amazing 3D visuals, easy touchscreen controls, and a robust upgrade system that will have you blasting for hours, this 10th-anniversary version adds incredible complexity to the franchise. Battle against legions of other Sky Force 2014 players in weekly tournaments on brand new levels every week, with big prizes not just for winning but also for rescuing other pilots who have already been brought down!
Use mouse0 or touch to control airplane

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