Dot Munch Fight Club

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Dot Munch Fight Club

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Dot Munch Fight Club


Dot Muncher Fight Club smooth and relaxing game based on osmosis principle. Eat smaller dots avoiding being eaten by bigger dots to became biggest dot in the game! Gameplay Tips: Eat smaller dots to grow in size and became biggest blob in the game. Smaller dots moves faster then big one, take advantage of it while growing in size. “Eat smaller dots or became food for others”. Became biggest dot eater. It’s great game if you are fan of nebulous, mitosis genre games. Controls: There is several different control options for your preference: * Tap desired direction to move dot * Hold and drag around dot like cursor to move dot desired direction * Use joystick in predefined place to control blob * Use custom joystick, which can be placed anywhere on screen Game functionality highlights: *Relaxing & smooth gameplay *Small application size *Relaxing sounds *Night & Day theme *Funny skins Became best dots muncher in Galactic! Good Luck and Have Fun!
Mouse or tap to play

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