Slither 2D 2022

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Slither 2D 2022

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Slither 2D 2022


Because the joystick controls your Big Worm’s crawl, controlling your Big Worm in the play zone. It is possible to turn the worm in the direction of your mouse cursor by just swiping your finger over the screen. A fast speed boost will enable you to move out of the path of the opposing Snake worms without being hit by their venom. Slither, consume, grow, and conquer the snake of competitors! Controlling your worms in Slink io is straightforward, as your crawl is entirely handled with the mouse. It is possible to control the worm’s movement by dragging your finger across the screen. This will help you get out of the path of malicious worms faster. Crawl worm games may be controlled by simply dragging your finger across the screen. Big Worm games are designed with cartoonish images and no text, sound, or music, making them suitable for school and business environments. You may get additional opponents by spreading the word about the game on social media.
Use WASD TO CONTROL SNAKE AND SPACE to speed for mobile use button from the game

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