Warring Universe

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Warring Universe

Game info
Warring Universe


It’s a brilliant, never-ending, and intense game that focuses on the battles between galaxies! As you play this bright-colored pixel game, you’ll find a lot of enemies, ships, upgrades, and other things to find. Only a few people have decided to fight against the whole world, and you are one of them! Your ships can only be upgraded if you’ve earned enough money by battling the bad guys. You won’t keep to fear about heading into many enemies now that you’ve invested in the best ship! -Buy rockets to eliminate your enemies quickly! Even the most formidable foes can’t kill you if you don’t wear armor! Strengthening your spaceship will let you take down more enemies and rack up more points. Many points and records are necessary to compete with your buddies for the world record. Keep an eye out for who has the most money and gone the most far in the game while comparing scores with your buddies!
WASD move the ship mouse0 to fire a bullet mouse1 to fire roket

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